The kitchen extends off the sitting room and perhaps should be called a “kitchenette” but it is a reasonable size and well equipped.

There is a new 4 ring induction hob which quite magically heats a pan without seeming to get hot (the wonders of modern technology).  Above the hob is an extractor hood (extracts to outside the building).

Fan oven / grill / microwave oven.  We have an identical model in our main kitchen and it is brilliant.

Other “essentials” include, Electric Kettle, Dualit Toaster, Sandwich Toaster, Slow Cooker.toaster

Sink and drainer.  No escape from washing up but we will do it for you – please don’t burn the pans!

Under the sink are all the usual cleaning supplies plus a comprehensive shoe cleaning kit and basic sewing repair items.

Refrigerator with ice box.  When you arrive this will already contain a supply of fresh milk and freshly squeezed orange juice as well as butter, a couple of pots of yoghurt and anything else that takes our fancy or that you have requested.

The vacuum cleaner is stored here in a cupboard (you are not expected to use it!)

Wall cupboards contain all the crockery and glasses etc. that you are likely to need but if you feel more adventurous just ask.  There are quite a few basic food items in the stock cupboard.
Cutlery can be found in the drawers and kitchen knives on a magnetic knife rack, they are very sharp! and one drawer under the hob contains first aid items just in case you need them.

For emergencies there is a fire blanket next to the hob.
Hopefully it will never be used!