Your Rooms:

annex frontWhen you come in through the front door, the first room is the entrance hall.

Here you can take off your shoes and hang your coats above a warm radiator.

For safety, there is a fire extinguisher and a radio linked smoke detector / alarm as well as an emergency light which comes on if there is a power failure (very rare).  Doors lead from the Hall into:

  • The Sitting Room and Kitchen
  • The Bedroom and en-suite Shower Room
  • The Toilet

The Sitting Room:

This is a delightful room, quiet and light with a view through the patio doors into your garden.  Complete privacy, you are not overlooked.  No need to even close the patio curtains at night.sitting room

A large desk makes up a useful “office area” with high speed broadband via direct cable link on the desk and WiFi throughout the whole property including the garden in case you want to sit and email or browse the internet outside.  Les runs a computer business so almost anything is possible.  A desktop PC is provided here for you to use in case you do not have a tablet or laptop.

Two very comfortable rotating and reclining leather armchairs, each with a footstool, will help you to relax.  A coffee table between the chairs has a bit of family history attached to it – as children, my sister and I (1950’s) would turn it upside down – it was our rowing boat!  Look after it.sitting room2

There is a large remote control flat screen TV in the corner of the room with a wide range of TV and Radio channels and a CD player and collection of CD’s.

We don’t want this to have the atmosphere of a bare modern hotel room.  There are quite a few personal belongings here to make it more homely and welcoming.

Book cases hold a variety of titles and there are a few board games and oddments of interest and amusement tucked away in cupboards.  A cabinet holds some items of family memorabilia, it has been there for years and we did not know where else to put it.  “Uncle Bert” was an RAF shooting champion and it contains some of his trophies.

Close to the kitchen is a table and chairs where you can sit and eat in comfort.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen extends off the sitting room.  It is a reasonable size and well

There is a new 4 ring induction hob which quite magically heats a pan without seeming to get hot (the wonders of modern technology).  Above the hob is an extractor hood (extracts to outside the building).

Fan oven / grill / microwave oven.  We have an identical model in our main kitchen and it is brilliant.

Other “essentials” include, Electric Kettle, Dualit Toaster, Sandwich Toaster, Slow Cooker.toaster

Sink and drainer.  No escape from washing up but we will do it for you – please don’t burn the pans!

Under the sink are all the usual cleaning supplies plus a comprehensive shoe cleaning kit and basic sewing repair items.

Refrigerator with ice box.  When you arrive this will already contain a supply of fresh milk and freshly squeezed orange juice / apple juice as well as butter, a couple of pots of yoghurt and anything else that takes our fancy or that you have requested, even a cold beer and cola.  They are all complimentary (free).

The vacuum cleaner is stored here in a cupboard (you are not expected to use it!)

Wall cupboards contain all the crockery and glasses etc. that you are likely to need but if you feel more adventurous just ask.  There are quite a few basic food items in the stock cupboard.
Cutlery can be found in the drawers and kitchen knives on a magnetic knife rack, they are very sharp! and one drawer under the hob contains first aid items just in case you need them.

For emergencies there is a fire blanket next to the hob.
Hopefully it will never be used!

A word about breakfast…….

Guests have all enjoyed the freedom that the Annex provides.  The kitchen is well stocked from the moment you arrive with basic items such as eggs, bread, milk and cereals etc.  If you fancy a slice of toast at midnight, help yourself.  In the morning Les will knock on your door with a basket of freshly baked rolls, ham, cheese, croissants and pastries – utterly delicious.  Very relaxed!
We even roast our own coffee beans, no instant coffee here!

The Bedroom:

The room is warm and comfortable.  You can adjust the temperature of the radiator yourself and there are two top opening windows for ventilation.
The curtains are “Blackout” style which potentially cut out all outside light if you want a really dark room.

It is very quiet.  No traffic noise or other disturbances.

There is a large bedside table with high level double power point and USB sockets to charge your phone or tablet.

In addition, we provide a digital clock radio and dim-able LED table lamp (with night light and auto-off timer in case you fall asleep while reading).  The clock automatically maintains the correct time even after a power cut (very rare).

The flat screen remote control TV swings out from the wall near the bottom of the bed.  There are all the normal television channels (about 60) and radio channels (about 25) available free.bedroom

The carpet is 100% pure wool and very nice to walk on in bare feet.

The built-in wardrobe has full height hanging space for long clothes and storage for smaller items.  There is a cupboard above.

Ironing Board and Iron:
There is a full-size ironing board and a steam iron in case you need them.

Hair Drier:
A hair drier can be found stored in the bedside table drawer.

Full Height Mirror:
To make sure you look your best!

Bed Frame:
The bed frame is essentially of steel construction supported on a wood base with sprung slatted wood supporting the mattress and a solid wood headboard.
It is “Ottoman” style with storage for additional bedding underneath.
If you are especially tall your feet can comfortable hang over the bottom of the bed. (Note from Les …. I hate beds that are too short, this one is ideal!)

It important to have a good quality mattress to ensure a comfortable nights sleep. We chose the mattress very carefully and hope you will agree that it was a good choice.
The mattress has a pocket spring density of 2000 springs.  Each spring operates independently so you can sleep in your own zone without affecting your partner. In addition there is a 70 mm layer of memory foam to provide proper support and comfort without the “roll together” effect of a cheaper mattress.

The mattress size is Standard UK Double – 4ft 6in x 6ft 3in (135cm x 190cm), 10″ (25cm) deep and made in UK by Dreamland Beds.

Medium Firm, the mattress should suit most people and in addition there are multiple layers of hypo-allergenic upholstery helping to prevent any problems to asthma sufferers etc.

Pillows are a very personal choice so we supply two pillows per person on the made up bed but there are extra pillows available in the room, some are lighter and some more dense.  You choose.

There is a fitted sheet on the mattress and a king size duvet to keep you warm. The duvet cover acts as a top sheet and is changed for each guest “European Style” unlike USA where you would typically have a top sheet under the duvet.

En-suite Shower Room:

The En-suite shower room is located through a door at the back of the bedroom.shower room

There is a large walk-in shower with a height adjustable shower head.  It is a “Power Shower” and if that is not powerful enough for you there is a “Boost” button.  Hot and cold water is soft (low in calcium carbonate – lathers easily).

Please please please make sure that the shower door is properly closed before you turn on the water otherwise you may flood the room!

In the shower area is a dispenser filled with “Apple Scented Hair and Body Wash” for your convenience.  There is also a fold down seat and “grab rail” for safety.

Above the shower is an extraction fan which will continue to run (quietly) for several minutes after the room light is switched off.

Large white “Egyptian Cotton” bath towels are supplied and these are kept warm on a rail over the radiator.

In this “shower room” is a large hand basin, set in to the black marbelite worktop,  a hand-soap dispenser and glass tumblers.

Above the basin is a large wall mirror with LED strip light above suitable for applying make-up or shaving and this is supplemented with a portable mirror on a stand, a white cotton hand towel hangs next to the hand basin

The room is equipped with a 110v / 240v shaver socket.

There is plenty of space for your personal items.

In the cupboards under the basin are spare towels.

There is an absorbent mat for you to step out onto when exiting the shower.

Do not use a hair dryer in the shower room as this would be dangerous – water and electricity do not mix!!  A hair dryer is available in the bedroom.Please do not plug anything other than an electric shaver into the shaver socket.

The Toilet:

The toilet is in a separate room off the hallway and has a hand basin with “waterfall” tap and “click clack” plug.  Hand washing soap is provided as well, of course, as a soft cotton hand towel and toilet paper!toilet

A small radiator keeps the towel nice and warm.

A very quiet extractor fan in the ceiling ensures adequate ventilation and this continues to run almost silently, on a timer, for several minutes after the light is switched off.

Enjoy your stay…..